Death Stranding Experience – PS4

Long Expected Moment

Death Stranding was my most expected game on 2019 even though Metal gear solid V Phantom Pain was the only game i have played before the launch of death stranding in Kojima’s Creation. MSGV had a good game mechanics which made me wait for his next project.

Death Stranding Team had the suspense till the launch of the game. Mostly game trailers will show how the game is going to be, Apart guessing this to be a Sci-Fi game nothing else could be guessed.

Things to be noted in Death Stranding

We have very less games with both open world and explorer mode game play style were death stranding falls to be one. Exploring gives us more things to be known about the story line apart from the collectables. Some places are well hidden for to unlock only option is to explore more.

This Game is full of visual treat, Excellent Land scape design and variety in climate. Challenges in these environment will make the transportation harder but the upgrades will make it easier. I have added some of my favorite locations….

Near Capital Knot City
Way-Station Capital Knot City

Collecting mechanism is also an interesting feature. Most games has this mechanism good but this game has a new way of carrying it to save it,which makes even more challenging for the players also its not made easy way of collecting these stuffs to build structures in the game. May be i have collected more i guess…..

Network Feature is the most awesome thing in this game. “Creating will get us liked and others creations will be helpful in the game”. Likes get’s this feature even more amazing.

These features all together will bring in lots of fun in the game. Plot will do a decent job, Plot twist are good as we all know kojima is good at giving a plot twist.

Annoying Features

Walking Simulator : Walking in this game will be so annoying. They have implemented more reality which makes it more complex than in other games. Especially when we try to carry cargo’s on our back. Progress will get us more transportation methods which will also be annoying to drive on there grounds but comparatively its better than walking.

Some spots of BT’s are tough which can’t be bypassed and carried on to the next stage.

Time fall : This brings in the next problem. Even people who love rain wont after they have had an experience with this time fall. Handing cargos will be tough with time fall. Luckly we have sprays to handle the situation.

Altogether this game is more fun than pain. This game can keep us engaged and will never lose interest in any point.

Nice work by Kojima.

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