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Make money online

In this era, Internet has emerged as a boon to all those who want to explore its potential by providing audience what they are looking for! Internet is a platform which has provided everyone the freedom to make choices and spread views. One of the ways to spread your views globally is by writing a blog. People have been earnings for decades now by building their digital empires, it can be easier and harder at the same time. Some people are not made for sitting in a cubicle and doing that highest paying job which robs happiness out of their lives! If you are one of them and have already started or thinking to start your money-making blog, then this post is for you!

Affiliate marketing

If you have your own blog, you can step into the world of affiliate marketing. This term refers to form of marketing where you display posts from websites with which you form an affiliation. For instance, if your blog is about healthy food then you can affiliate with websites where your readers can buy those foods or may be key ingredients. You will display the link to those products utilizing the real estate of your blog. If your readers follow that link and buy the product then you will earn commission out of it. This is just a basic example of affiliate marketing. There is more to it once you step into this field. It is a great way to monetize your blog.

Write sponsored posts

Have you seen those ‘Brought to you by XYZ’ on the top of blogs? As you setup your blog, you can contact various online companies to sponsor you and you can mention them in the credits. It helps them to advertise and effective for you to make money. Your post could be related to the products offered by your sponsors. So, this way it will be beneficial to both the parties!


This is something which you can do after you’ve considerable number of followers. You can host events and conferences with entry passes which will help you in making money. These can be big events or may be a small meet to create awareness among readers. Even online summits, webinars are getting popular which help you in hosting live events and then sharing information which can only be obtained through paid subscriptions.


You can offer courses and eBooks on your blogs which are your own creation. It will take time to develop them, but these are lucrative when it comes to making money. Also, these books will serve as permanent source of income. If you think eBooks and courses are not your niche, start with consultation. You can charge based on hour or sessions and you can reach your customers via Skype, Whatsapp, phone or email.

If you are a newbie, stay prepared to experience some pain as it is not easy to earn using blogs. There is no shortcut either! If your blog is rich in content and you have put in your efforts to exceed the expectations, then the results will be rewarding!

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