How To Enable Dark Mode In Windows 10

I recently got to know that we can enable dark mode in windows 10, which is really cool and actually help. I am a person who stares at the monitor for long hours and the dark mode will definitely help reduce eye strain. If you are someone who spends long hours working or staring at your monitor continue reading this blog to know how to enable dark mode in your windows 10 PC

It is really simple to enable dark mode in Windows 10, you can do that in the your color settings window.

  • To access color settings right click anywhere on your desktop and click on Personalize.
Launching Personalize
  • Navigate to Colors tab in your personalize settings window and in Choose your color drop down select Dark.
  • Done. Your windows will change to dark mode now.
  • You can also personalize your dark theme by selecting an accent color of your choice. Just select a color you want to have as your accent color and it will be automatically updated.

This is a very simple task. Hope it was helpful. Let me know if you have any queries or suggestions in the comments below.

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