How To Have Your Speaker And USB Gaming Headphones Working At The Same Time

Recently I bought a new USB Headphone – RedGear Thunder-b, for playing games. When I connected by new USB Headphone to my PC I was facing an issue, My speaker was not playing any audio but the USB Headphone was set as the default speaker. Which is not what I wanted. If you are facing the same issue continue reading this article to find how to use both your speaker and your gaming headphone at the same time.

First launch your sound control panel. You can do this by one of the following methods.

Method 1: (Taskbar)

  • Right click on the speaker icon in the right side of your taskbar and click on open sound settings.
  • Once you have your sound setting open scroll down to Related settings and click on Sound Control Panel

Method 2 ( start menu )

You can also launch your sound control panel by typing and searching for change system sounds

Once you are in the sound control panel. Find your speaker and your USB headphone (usually this will also appear as a speaker – USB Audio Device).

Make sure your Speaker is set as your default audio device. If not right click on your speaker and select set as default device.

Once that is done, navigate to Recording tab and search for Stereo Mix.

If you cant find Stereo Mix, Right click anywhere on the list and make sure Show Disabled Devices is enabled.

Now Right click on Stereo Mix and click on Enable to enable it.

Once Stereo Mix is enabled – right click and go to properties of Stereo Mix.

Navigate to Listen tab in your Stereo Mix Properties window.

In the Playback through this device drop down select your USB headphone.

Make sure Listen to this device checkbox is checked and click on Apply -> OK.

Done. Now both your speaker and USB Headphones are enabled at the same time.


If you want to switch between speaker and your USB headphone in windows 10. Left click on the speaker symbol in your task bar.

Click on the small arrow next to your active device.

Here you can select the device you want. This way you can switch between your speaker and headphone easily.

I hope you found this article useful. If you are facing any issue or if you have any other queries please let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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