Top 5 useful money managing apps in your android device

Smartphones have made a lot of our tasks effortless and now they have come up money managing apps that which are applications in your android device that keeps a track of your money that goes into savings, investment, spending, budgeting and every other aspect of capital usage; this can be restricted to the usage by a single person or a group of people. When you are earning a lump sum amount and using it in various fields, it becomes a difficult task to keep a track of all the transactions that belong to personal finances. They are typically useful in providing with ideas and advices that work together to provide the best value of your hard-earned money. Some of the best money managing apps are:


The app follows the concept of taking the virtual change from the account. They differ from other apps by not saving the difference; but by investing it. Once the app finishes its set up, it automatically starts choosing and investing in the best available plans. This app has recently come up with the function called ‘Found Money’ and as the name suggests, it adds up money in your account. When you are shopping from any of their partnered brands, they will automatically invest in your Acorns account. Convenient options single withdrawal or recurring ones are also available.

One of the most reliable money managing apps, it has both investing and budgeting facilities and you can create as many categories you desire for a more sorted list for a detailed record of your transactions and investments. Useful in reminding you of your approaching deadline of paying your bills and on consent, pays them for you. It can be directly linked to your bank accounts, credit and debit cards to facilitate one-step transaction.

Personal capital

The most renowned money managing application lives up to the expectations for its flexibility of use. From tracking your budget to assessing the status of your investment, this app does it all for you. This app, from the very beginning keeps a record of all the linked bank accounts and the transactions initiated from them and provides a catalogic representation of the same for a comfortable experience of the user.


Wally, one of the most useful money managing apps that have a numerous varieties of currencies available, comes with some amazing features. Like any other manual transactions, it generates receipts and keeps them in record for future references. Whenever you sign in to your personal profile in the app, it shows you that amount of money that is left in your account at the end of the day or month.


This is the most efficient app when it comes to ensure savings at the end of the month or year; they pull in change from all the registered digital transactions that end up into a lot; an aspect that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. It sets targets for you and reminds you with every transaction that your bottom line is savings, however little that is.

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